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6 degrees of separation - Gondwanaland
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October 2008

Todd Eisworth
Date: 2008-05-29 13:50
Subject: 6 degrees of separation
Security: Public
subtitled: Generalized Erdos Numbers

I just found out that Mathscinet (the big online database recording publications appearing in mathematics journals) has a cool utility that will allow you to input two mathematicians and it returns a "co-author" path from one to the other.

For example, my Erdos number is 2: I published a paper with Saharon Shelah, who published with Erdos.

However, it gets entertaining when I try to connect up with my friends:

My "Shaw number" is undefined, because Doug hasn't published in mathematics journals with any co-authors, but I AM connected to Doug's advisor:  Eisworth published with shelah published with nash-williams published with harary published with storer, who begat shaw.

My "Rayevskaya number" is 4:

Eisworth published with Nyikos published with Kierstead published with Lorentz published with Schumaker published with raevskaya.

My  "Complehx number" number is 5

My "Prophet number" is 4

My "Mupasiri number" is 4

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